Dear Families,

Saint Clement School participates in a fundraising program called SCRIP.

“SCRIP” is gift certificates issued by businesses throughout our communities and businesses throughout the nation like Piggly Wiggly, Wal-Mart, Kwik Trip, and Subway to name a few.  Saint Clement School is able to buy these gift certificates at a pre-negotiated discount and then resells them to you at full face value. The discount, which averages 5%, is the net contribution retained by our school.

Your participation does not cost you anything!  For example, if you buy a $100.00 Kwik Trip card from us, you will have that full $100.00 to spend at Kwik Trip on whatever you wish…JUST LIKE CASH OR OTHER GIFT CARDS!  Our organization actually purchased the certificates for $95, so in essence Kwik Trip has just donated $5.00 to Saint Clement School through you.

The SCRIP Program has become our school’s biggest fundraiser.  Each school family is required to purchase $1,000 of SCRIP throughout the year or pay an additional $100 fundraising fee.  SCRIP can also help reduce each family’s tuition amount. A percentage of every SCRIP purchase you make will be applied to your tuition at Saint Clement School and/or Religious Education.  You can even get friends and family members to use the SCRIP program and credit your family for the tuition reduction. It may not seem like that much at first, but the more you use SCRIP the more you save.  We have actually had families use their SCRIP tuition rebate to pay their entire tuition for the year!

We encourage everyone to use the SCRIP program and spread the word to others.  We are not asking anyone to spend money that they ordinarily would not spend. We are simply asking that people plan ahead so that they can have SCRIP certificates when they need them.

Please take some time to look over the local and national business list (available at school, at the SCRIP table following mass, and on our website.)  We have a large selection of SCRIP cards kept in our inventory. There is also a complete list of participating businesses at  We usually place orders on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, and often during the holidays.  Your order needs to be at school by 8:30am on these Mondays and will be ready for pick up by Thursday or Friday of that week.

Where to buy SCRIP:

  • After both Masses in the back of Church
  • At the School Office
  • At Walker’s (limited supply)
  • AND NOW…ON-LINE at!!!

Thank you!

Saint Clement SCRIP Program

Updated SCRIP order form