A Message from Father William

We are just days away from entering Holy Week, the holiest week of the year, the week that changed the world (Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion is April 2; Easter Sunday is April 9). On this Fifth Sunday of Lent, we read from the Gospel of Saint John and the account of Jesus Christ raising Lazarus from the dead (John 11:1-45). As Jesus proclaims in this Gospel that He is the Resurrection and the Life, our Lord is teaching us about trusting in His providence and His divine will. As we think of Lazarus and his sisters, Martha and Mary, may we prepare for Holy Week and Easter, contemplating God’s love and mercy, renewing our trust in His providence and divine will, growing stronger in our love for God and for our neighbor.

Jesus loved Martha and her sister Mary and Lazarus. So when Jesus learned that Lazarus was ill, He remained for two days in the place where He was (John 11:5-6). This is a mysterious response – we might think that if Jesus loved them, He would have gone to them immediately instead of allowing His friend Lazarus to die. When we hear this Gospel in its entirety, however, the meaning of the sentence is revealed: Jesus waited for the death of Lazarus to reveal to His beloved friends the glory of God through the raising of Lazarus from death (John 11:4).

We live a mysterious life. There are so many things that seem like they should never happen to us if Jesus really loves us. Have you been aware enough and alive enough to see the glory of God that came through some of your sufferings? Do you have faith that the glory of God will be revealed in those sufferings that still remain a mystery? Let us pray that Jesus may help our unbelief. Let us pray to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who tells us what He told Martha, “Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God?” (John 11:40). Let us stay close to Jesus, God the Son, through daily prayer, through His Church, Word and Sacraments. For our life, like the life of Lazarus, is not to end in death; our life has been created and redeemed for the greater glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Indeed, He has prepared an eternal home for us, Heaven, if we would cooperate with His grace and follow Him (John 14). Thanks be to God!

Let us pray: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, help us to trust in Your mercy and love,
in Your providence and divine will, more and more each moment of our life. Amen.

With peace and prayers in Christ,
Fr. William

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