A Message from Father William

In his encyclical “God is Love,” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI encouraged us to see that God who is Love (1 John 4) is at the heart of our mission in life, as His love is at the heart of the two Great Commandments, love of God and love of neighbor. A central part of our mission of love is to protect the dignity of every human person, for in His love for every human being, God has made every person in His image and likeness – therefore, lovers of life often gather to pray for God’s protection for His children, born and pre-born. Once again, this year, we will pray at abortion facilities throughout the world in the largest and longest coordinated pro-life mobilization in history: the 40 Days for Life campaign, which is September 23 to November 1. As we hear about God’s generous mercy and love, and His call to us to live our life in Him, according to His ways (this Sunday from Isaiah 55:6-9; Psalm 145; Philippians 1:20-27; Matthew 20:1 16), we strive by His grace to be faithful, hopeful and loving Christians, praying that our vigil for life will help bring: an end to the tragedy of abortion; conversion to those involved in abortions; and God’s healing and loving forgiveness for those who have suffered this tragedy.

40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign that has already mobilized over 700,000 people worldwide since 2007, saved more than 17,200 lives from abortion, led to the conversion of 206 abortion workers, and seen 107 abortion facilities close. Throughout, we also pray for the women and men who have suffered the effects of abortion – for physical, emotional and spiritual healing and for them to know that they are loved by God and by us, members of His Mystical Body, the Church.

The campaign has three main components:
Prayer & fasting: Join together for 40 days of fervent prayer and fasting. For example: Pray the Rosary on your way to work or school; read Sacred Scripture before bed at night or just sit with Jesus and pray for 15 minutes each day; and fast from food or frivolous TV programs. Offer it all for an end to the killing of pre-born children.
Peaceful vigil: Vigil means to “keep watch,” so we keep watch for life during a 40-day
peaceful public witness outside Planned Parenthood’s abortion center at 3706 Orin Road in Madison. Please consider going into Madison to pray – see 40DaysforLife.com/ Madison, VigilforLife.org or Gwen Finnegan, 608/393-8545, email info@vigilforlife.org. Our own Saint Clement Knights of Columbus, led by Brandon Klaas and Bill Seyer, are organizing a carpool to the vigil. Please contact the parish office for more information. Community outreach: Bring a prayerful, loving, hope-filled pro-life message to all of the Diocese of Madison and beyond through media efforts, advocacy, and public visibility. Learn to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves by contacting Gwen Finnegan, VigilforLife.org, 40DaysforLife.com/Madison, or Fr. William at Saint Clement.

As the Vigil continues through October (“Respect Life Month”), please seek additional
opportunities to build a culture of Life: visit priestsforlife.org; help at Clarity Clinic, 185 E. Pine St., Platteville, 608-348-5787, or at the Women’s Care Center, 3711 Orin Road, Madison, 608/241-8100; Pregnancy Help Line, Catholic Mulitcultural Center, Madison, 608/222-0008; CareNet/Heartbeat 800/395-HELP; National Life Center 800/848-LOVE; Birthright 800/550-4900; Good Counsel Homes 800/723-8331; Rachel’s Vineyard (if you have had an abortion) 877 HOPE 4 ME (877/467-3463); Elizabeth House 608/259-1605; Wisconsin Right to Life 877/855-5007; Pro-Life Wisconsin 262/796-1111.

With peace and prayers in Christ,
Fr. William Vernon