From our Pastor: December 15, 2019

On this third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete or Rejoice Sunday!), Jesus says: “Go and
tell John what you hear and see: the blind regain their sight, the lame walk, lepers are
cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the poor have the Good News proclaimed
to them. And blessed is the one who takes no offense at Me” (Matthew 11:2-11).

Jesus wants us to rejoice in His miracles! – miracles that affect us in physical, emotional
and spiritual ways. As Jesus notes, our experiences often begin with what we hear
and see, with what we sense. For those who cannot hear or see, this becomes more
challenging, as we are physical, emotional and spiritual beings. And it’s in all these
ways that God loves us. More than we could ever love anyone or anything, God the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit loves each of us, personally and infinitely. His love cannot
be fully experienced just through words, for God physically came into the world and
became man so that His personal and infinite love could be experienced. He came into
the world and took on our human nature while remaining divine to redeem us through
His Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven. The human experience
of God’s personal love begins with the incarnation, with the Word becoming flesh and
dwelling among us. It continues with the apostles and disciples who became followers
of Jesus Christ, with disciples handing down the faith in personal encounters through
the centuries, inviting and encouraging people to become followers of Jesus, members
of His Mystical Body on earth, the Church.

This Advent, as we prepare for Christmas, how are we inviting others to experience
the love of Jesus Christ? Who is a sign for us that Jesus Christ has come into the world
and remains with us? Is it someone who keeps us focused on the positive aspects of
our life? Someone who sacrifices joyfully? A grateful person? A joyful, loving husband
and wife? A selfless loving family member, friend, teacher, co-worker? Let us pray that
God will help us to recognize His Presence in the people and the things that we see
and hear. Lord Jesus Christ, help us to be instruments of Your mercy, to witness to the Truth with love and joy.

When Saint John the Baptist hears of the miracles happening to the blind, lame,
leprous, deaf, and poor, he knows that the One he has been waiting for all his life has
come: Jesus Christ, God the Son, the source of all love and mercy. The greatness of Saint
John the Baptist is that he refused to settle for anything less. May we always seek the
help of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in order to be attentive to His Presence
at every moment, His infinite and personal love, allowing Him to sanctify our words
and deeds, making them holy, making us holy. And, like Saint John the Baptist, may
we refuse to settle for anything less.

With peace and prayers in Christ,

Fr. William

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