From our Pastor: August 11, 2019

Do not be afraid. Be prepared. Our Lord Jesus Christ instructs us this Sunday (Luke 12:32-48) to be unafraid and to be prepared to receive God’s help, like servants ready for the return of their master any moment – for at an hour we do not know, He will call us. Unafraid and prepared, desiring to live forever in communion with God in Heaven, we strive to stay in communion with Him now, through His gifts of prayer, His Church, Word and Sacraments.

Communion with Jesus can be quite demanding – for, just as He instructs us to be unafraid and prepared, He also says: “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.” Indeed, when we pause to think about it, much has been given to us: life, faith, hope, love, family, friends, our gifts and talents. Jesus teaches us, as He did last week in Luke 12:13-21, that every Christian, every friend of Jesus, is entrusted with a mission: to know, love, serve and follow God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit more and more each day and to help others to do the same. He entrusts each of us with this mission and encourages us to be unafraid and prepared for Him by living this mission in communion with Jesus, where we find the full and true meaning in our life, everlasting love, joy and peace.

Unafraid and prepared, may we strive every day to know, love, serve and follow God, and help others to do the same. May we spend time with God, in prayer, in His Word and the Teachings of His Church, in His Sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Confession. May we also use our time well, keeping a balance of prayer, work and recreation, knowing that life is not a dress rehearsal. By God’s grace, with His help, we can keep a proper balance between prayer, work and play. For example, how much time do we spend on certain forms of entertainment, sports and technology and their fleeting joys, compared with the time we devote to our conversations and time with God and with family and friends, and their everlasting joys? God calls us to be responsible stewards of our time. Are we praying each day, praying with family members, reading the Scriptures that will be proclaimed this upcoming Sunday, frequenting the Sacraments, involved in our parish school and our religious education, in Family Promise, the Knights of Columbus, the Council of Catholic Women, or in other apostolates of our Saint Clement Parish family?

Let us continue to pray for one another, asking Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to help us to be prepared and unafraid, to keep a balance of prayer, work and recreation, focused on our communion with Jesus and on our love for Him and love for one another (His two great Commandments), today and every day.

With peace and prayers in Christ,
Fr. William

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